Shoot what you love.

Ive been fortunate enough to have some really killer assignments that have been fun or fulfilling or interesting or all of the above and I am very, very thankful for that.  Ive also had plenty are more utilitarian and straightforward but there is value in these as well.  They teach you to look deeper, work harder and really coax every bit of nuance out of your subject.

Now, coming back full circle, Ive started to re-discover why I chose to be a photographer and that is because it allows me to immerse myself in what I love.  So, with that being said, its as easy as shoot what you love.  Shoot with purpose and shoot with passion.


Peter Jones of Jones Fly Co., Nashville TN because I love to fly fish


Fly Tying



Ice station zebra

Ive just come back from shooting in Minnesota during one of the coldest winters in recent history.  I really know how to pick my locations for my shoots, right?  Im sure Ill end up choosing to go to South Mississippi in the middle of the summer for a shoot when its 100 deg. and 100% humidity…  Anyways, I was in MN and it was cold, we’ll just leave it at that and not talk about how I could barely operate my camera and my shutter freezing up.

So, why was I up there?  Well, I decided to check out what ice fishing was all about.  You see, Im a bit of a fishing addict and I had to try my hand at this odd variation of my favorite way to spend time outdoors.  It didn’t hurt that it had an odd Americana vibe to it and generally misunderstood by most all outside of the northern latitudes.  I was prepared to find a bunch of men drunk on cheap beer and whiskey staring at small holes in the ice and perhaps a bit crazy from the cold and the absurdity of it all and, well, that’s what I found.


Ice Fishing_002

Aside from the small pike I caught, the only other fish I saw out on Mille Lacs was this small guy called an eel pout.  They are considered a trash fish and this one found a second life as a shot glass.  You see, these guys froze the fish solid with its mouth open the night before and that way they were able to pour liquor into its mouth and then into theirs.  Like I said, things got strange out on the ice.

Ice Fishing_031 Ice Fishing_027 Ice Fishing_023



I was able to try my hand at a bit of fishing (drinking in a small hut with a rod near by) and actually caught a fish in the first 20 minutes so, I don’t have to do that again.  All in all it was a blast and I have some fun images from it.  Regardless, Ill take fly fishing in the Bahamas any day…



It’s almost February?

Time flies man, time files.  I have been so caught up in getting, well, caught up with things for 2014 that I didn’t even realize that January is well on its way to being over.  With that said, its time for some updates and catching up…

I was in Michigan in mid-November working on a new personal piece based around the opening day of deer season and how it is a very uniquely American event, especially in the upper Midwest.  I shot stills and motion and recorded audio as well and I have someone writing a nice essay for it as well so, it will be turned into a nice multimedia piece soon.  In the mean time, you can see a sample of work on my site here.


I spent about 10 days down in the Bahamas shooting stills and video for a fly fishing lodge on South Andros island.  In addition to being an amazing chance to produce some new work and to itch that travel bug, I was also able to get some killer fishing in.  Ive spent a good bit of my life fishing and it even landed me in Alaska for an extended period as a guide in a past life so, you could say Im kinda into these sorts of things.  It can be tough with a camera in hand and wishing you were fishing but sometimes the opposite happens where Ive got a rod in hand and wish I was shooting – its a good problem to have.  Anyways, the lodge I worked with featured some work here but you can also see an extended gallery on my site here.  Im working on getting some motion edited for this and it should be ready any day now.


Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.51.20 AM

Since Ive been back from my various trips its back to business and things have been progressing nicely.  I have a few bids out and am up for a few larger editorial gigs and that always makes me happy.  Im looking forward to working with new clients and solving new problems – it really is one of the best parts of the job.  Now, speaking of bids and clients and the like, I am pleased to announce that I am now represented by Agency MJ and without them, I wouldn’t be pushing forward the way I have lately.  You’ll be hearing more about this soon…

So, lots and lots going on and lots and lots of new images being made.  Head on over to the site and take a look around.  There will be plenty more coming online as soon as Im back from Minnesota to shoot some ice fishing the first week of February.  With any luck Ill get frostbite and won’t be able yo write lengthy blog posts any more….



Something hot in the works

Ive been up since 3 am and am finally back home and starting to look at today’s shoot.  There are some HOT images and video for sure and can’t wait to put it all together.

Ill be up in the midwest (W. Michigan and Minnesota) for the next 2 weeks but should have an edit together soon thereafter and will share it here.

Until then, fire…


Fleeting Seasons

One minute you are standing in a river shooting and enjoying the warm weather and late days and the next it is getting dark at 4:30 and all the leaves are rapidly falling off the trees.  Its times like this when I really need to force myself to carve out some time and get outside and shoot some images.

Now, with the recent (stupid) time change also comes earlier sunrises so, it was early up yesterday and out to some local woods with a model and assistant in tow with the promise of hot coffee once the shooting was done.

Even though the sun wasn’t as cooperative as I would have liked, I was still able to make some nice images.  Im waiting on the color film to come back but I have a few Type 55 exposures to show for it…

Kristen Rogers_001 Kristen Rogers_002


Now, I said the colors were changing and things were looking good out in the woods so, I am obligated to show this image of me looking like a homeless man with some beautiful light in the back.  Thanks goes to Brett for capturing me in such stunning detail looking like an idiot.  Thanks Brett.



So, get outside and go shoot something.  Do it.

Nashville. Always Classy.

I had some friends in from Minneapolis this weekend so, had to take them around town and show them a good time.  After much debate, I realized that there really isn’t much outside of drinking and more drinking going on in this town unless you can be in a canoe in the summer or happen to catch some sports one night.  Now, Im not complaining as a good time is always to be had but sometimes, you just need to know when to leave the camera at home.  Or, in this case, drink a bunch of moonshine shots and bring it back out.
It was a long night and it ended at 11:30….


Finally some new business cards or, in other news, Im a luddite

I don’t know how many folks still use business cards, at least in my line of work, but I like them.  They don’t really cost all that much and are a great way to make a good first impression.  Even if someone takes a quick glance and then throws it in a desk drawer, there is always that chance they will find it one day and call you up.  Ive actually had it happen.  Anyways, Ive been out of cards for months and months and now that I have my new branding, I got my act together and got some printed.  In addition to that, I even had a custom die stamp made and had them blind debossed yesterday at K2Forma here in town.  Im totally pro now.


Meet me out somewhere and Ill hand you one but in the meantime, Ill always be checking email…

All that the light of the moon touches…

Living in Tennessee and being selectively redneck at times, one is exposed to that ol’ white liquor from time to time.  Of course, more often than not it comes in a nondescript mason jar or other unmarked container of dubious quality and as much fun as it is not really knowing what you are getting yourself into when you point your elbow to the sky, there are times when I would rather fillet my own hand than drink it.  You see, there are plenty of folks out there with no business making ‘shine but on the flip side, you find some real quality juice every now and then.  The guys over at American Born Moonshine do know what they are doing and have made a hell of a product and as of last night have successfully brought it to market.  I was fortunate enough to have been brought in to help this fledgling company develop their branding and image and bring it to fruition.  Lots of hard work, some early mornings and a lot of laughs later, we have a bang up campaign and the future looks bright for these guys.  Go find you a jar and clear off the next 2 days and have some fun.

There will be lots more images forthcoming but in the mean time, go check out to check out the video spot we shot as well.

ABM_Pic2_db ABM_Pic1_db