te gusta mueves mueves




Thoughts on Water

I like water.  I like shooting water.  It always gives you something different and can mean so many things to so many people.

Three from this summer, one from the mouth of the Columbia River, one of an estuary on the Olympic Peninsula and the third of some rocks in the Salton Sea.




Robots scare the shit out of me

Robots scare the shit out if me, always have. My folks got a ‘roomba’ cleaning robot and the damn thing is making a racket out in the hallway bumping into doors, walls and everything else. I swear, it’s following me as well.

This reminds me of years ago when I worked JC Penney corporate hq in the photo studio. After hours, these robots would emerge from their lair in the basement and start milling about delivering mail and taking the trash out. They were basically the same thing as the ‘roomba” but much larger. I was on one of the elevators late one night and sure as hell, it stopped on one floor and one of these evil robots came in. It was a very od 30 seconds of elevator time with that thing randomly beeping away and generally creeping me out.

I mean look at this thing.  Do these designers not watch TV?  Have none of them seen any of the Terminator movies?

Don’t Trust Them.  Ever.


Denis Olivier

I was going through my photo bookmarks trying to figure out which ones I should keep, which ones to toss and which ones will make it to this blog.  I came across the work of Denis Olivier ( http://www.denisolivier.com ) and I don’t ever recall looking at it before but I must have since it was in my links folder.  Anyways, there is just some cool, cool work on there.  I mean, look at this, its just a great photo (copyright Denis Olivier)….