Books, Books, and more Books

I was able to cross a big ‘to do’ off my list and get my Africa book ordered through Blurb today.  Granted, not a big deal but this will be my first book through them and I am excited to see it.  I have heard good things about their print quality lately since the introduced their premium paper option.  Anyways, it can be found here…

Please, feel free to order me one and send a little scratch my way.  I can’t comment on the quality as of yet but as soon as it comes in I will write soemthing up about it.  Also, I know it is pricey but it is hardcover and is quite large at 80 pages.

Now, it was suggested to me that I write some book reviews of all the stuff I have read in the last few months so I will get my thoughts together and get on that in the next few days.  First on the chopping block is Gods Middle Finger by Richard Grant.  If you have an interest in anything from travel to adventure, mexico or ever blow this is a good read.

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