How do you edit?

I am editing down a new portfolio and, like many others, I can’t edit on screen.  I need to have physical prints in my hand and be able to lay them out on the table and move them around and all that.  I was going to print all of them on small 4×6 matte paper but a friend suggested I just load them up on a flash card and send them to wolf camera.  Sure as shit, for the price of one 2200 ink cartridge and an hour wait, I got some 75 or so prints, all equal sized, all perfect color.  Now, the tough stuff, editing…



Surfing through the Archive

I finally have a place to spread out my workspace and do some serious work and it has been a long time coming.  I find that it is healthy to go through old film and files and to see what little gems might be hanging out in the dark corners of the archive.  So, found this one from 2001 today.  Not bad.


Options, decisions and the long-term

I haven’t made a post in a few weeks because I have been busy re-transplanting myself back in Nashville after having to leave my childhood home of Oklahoma.  I came back to Nashville because I am familar with the town, the industry and all those involved and figured that it would be my best chance for success whilst trying to get a photography career off the ground.  Well, things are not so bad here but I see an eminent slow-down, if not a complete cessation of the photo industry here for the next 9-18 months.  So, with that in mind, I have had to re-assess my goals, my finances and my approach to things.  For the sake of not beating a dead horse, I will not go into anything about why we are in this situation or what it means for photographers or anything of the like.  Rather, I will just say that fortune will smile on those who are prepared and can change at a moments notice.  I hope.

I look at this as an oppurtunity, not a hindrance.  I get to go back to where I truly love, see old friends, shoot some amazing images and make a load of cash.  It will be short term, I will be back and I will have some options when I get back and not have to worry about rent and bills.  God speed and good luck.