Options, decisions and the long-term

I haven’t made a post in a few weeks because I have been busy re-transplanting myself back in Nashville after having to leave my childhood home of Oklahoma.  I came back to Nashville because I am familar with the town, the industry and all those involved and figured that it would be my best chance for success whilst trying to get a photography career off the ground.  Well, things are not so bad here but I see an eminent slow-down, if not a complete cessation of the photo industry here for the next 9-18 months.  So, with that in mind, I have had to re-assess my goals, my finances and my approach to things.  For the sake of not beating a dead horse, I will not go into anything about why we are in this situation or what it means for photographers or anything of the like.  Rather, I will just say that fortune will smile on those who are prepared and can change at a moments notice.  I hope.

I look at this as an oppurtunity, not a hindrance.  I get to go back to where I truly love, see old friends, shoot some amazing images and make a load of cash.  It will be short term, I will be back and I will have some options when I get back and not have to worry about rent and bills.  God speed and good luck.


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