Im lost in the blogosphere

I need to go to bed.  Now.  I have tripped over the precipice and have fallen into the miasma that is the art/photo blogosphere.  Damn you Daniel Shea and your lengthy but perfect list of blogs on your, well, blog…


3 images in the Terrazzo group show

I have 3 images (30×40) going up in the group show held at the new Terrazzo tower down in 12 south.  Should be an interesting mix of images and usually is a good turn out.  Come out and check it out, we can grab a beer or 6 together.  Also, my images are for sale, as always…





I hate waiting on film.  I really do.  Actually, what I hate is shooting a bunch of film and then rushing to the lab so as to get it in before cut-off on Thursday expecting to get it Friday and remembering that your local lab has shut down on Friday’s now due to money problems.  I should stop getting my hopes up.  I don’t run a lab, I don’t want to run a lab but I will say I wish that I would at least get a nod or some sort of acknowledgement when I come in to drop a bunch of film off.  I know, there are lots of people using this lab, this one and only lab, here in Nashville who are happy to pay $7.00 a roll for 120 but how many people come in on a routine basis with a load of color 4×5?  Not many I would imagine.  Add to that the fact that my name is not bill or john or dave or anything else you might run into on a day to day basis and they still pretend not to know me.  Kind of shitty when you look at it, am I wrong?  Ill get off my high horse now and show a digi snap of what I am waiting on film-wise…


I could have done that

I always hear people say ‘I could’ve shot that’ when looking at what appears to be simple, sublime photos.  Usually, they are random folks, or at least not photographers but more and more I am hearing my peers say the same thing.  To that I answer ‘but you didn’t.’  As simple as a photo may appear or may, actually be simple, the fact is someone else shot it, not you.  This speaks to the procrastinator in all of us, myself definately included.  I try to get out and shoot everyday but it is tough.  Real tough.  In lieu of shooting everyday, try looking at images everyday (but still shooting as much as possible) but this is still difficult.

All I know is that since it is slow now, I have a surplus of time so I should be out there shooting as much as I can afford.

Poverty is the stone on which creativty is sharpened.

Looking at photos

Since things are slow here in town and the weather has not fully cooperated and warmed up enough to walk around, I am finding myself spending alot of time looking at other people’s photos, mostly online.  I try and look at something new everyday and actually think about it and let it sink in (if it ever does).  I find that it helps me as a visual creative to explore other avenues of shooting and different styles and it also lets me know what the ‘competiton’ is doing.  So, in this transitional period of less work, cold mornings and the hope of longer, warmer days, Im going to absorb as much as I can and then try and make it work  for me.