I hate waiting on film.  I really do.  Actually, what I hate is shooting a bunch of film and then rushing to the lab so as to get it in before cut-off on Thursday expecting to get it Friday and remembering that your local lab has shut down on Friday’s now due to money problems.  I should stop getting my hopes up.  I don’t run a lab, I don’t want to run a lab but I will say I wish that I would at least get a nod or some sort of acknowledgement when I come in to drop a bunch of film off.  I know, there are lots of people using this lab, this one and only lab, here in Nashville who are happy to pay $7.00 a roll for 120 but how many people come in on a routine basis with a load of color 4×5?  Not many I would imagine.  Add to that the fact that my name is not bill or john or dave or anything else you might run into on a day to day basis and they still pretend not to know me.  Kind of shitty when you look at it, am I wrong?  Ill get off my high horse now and show a digi snap of what I am waiting on film-wise…



One thought on “New-ness

  1. Geez, yeah, I am in agreement with you. Especially in times of ‘money troubles’ for them. What will it take for more personalized service?

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