Memories of the Marathon

I was out of town this year for the Music City Marathon, which was probably a good thing.  It seems like the last few years it has been a blur of late nights, early mornings and too many cocktails.  Anyways, went digging through the archive and found these images of general shenanigans from 2008….





Allen Thompson packaging Photos

Shots from today shootign the packaging for Allen Thompson\’s new album.  Got to hear a bit of it the other day and it is worth the time to check it out.

I think he is shooting for a release in about 3 months.  Also, got to use my new Dynalites for this.  It is so nice not having to beg/borrow/steal gear anymore.






Marginal spaces, at night.

I got tired of sitting inside tonight and decided to be proactive and try out an idea or two that I had.  The rain cooperated and let up and it turned out to be a nice evening.  These images are a test/start to a project that I want to tackle dealing with marginal spaces and commerical landscaping.  We’ll see if it goes anywhere…





Damn you Discovery Channel

I guess the Discovery Channel is runnning something on TV right now called ‘Alaska Week’ where they send all of their shows up north to do a special on, well, Alaska.  Im getting a bit sick of all the attention that they are paying to the State.  Im just scared that all the attention is going to send all manner of idiot and tourist up there.  Hell, that one book/movie, Into the Wild, showcases that perfectly.  There is going to be a huge wave of people up North that have no idea what to do or how to survive up there and are going to go off and put a lot of people in danger.  If not that severe, it will just fill up with tourists.  Thank god it still gets too cold for the condo/loft demographic to stay away.

Google Reader

I hate to admit it but I feel like I am a bit behind the times as far as blog readers and RSS feeds are concerned.  I really don’t claim to be behind the curve but rather ignorant for the sake that I just didn’t need to know what was going on with all things at all times.  Now, this brings me to Google Reader.  So cool, really, it is.  I havge been plugging in different photo blogs all day now and have quite a nice ‘subscription’ list to keep me up to speed on what is going on around the photo neighborhood.

One last thing though is Twitter.  What a total waste of time.

Guns in America, pt. 2

I want to take a minute to explain something that I am starting to become at odds with.  I am having a hard time wrapping my head around gun owners here in the US and what makes them tick.  This is odd because I myself am a gun(s) owner and have been for many years but after what I saw this weekend I am tempted to sell them all and say screw it to the whole idea of owning guns.

I drove up to West Point, Kentucky last Friday (about 3 hrs. away) to attend and photograph the world’s largest machine gun shoot held biannually at the Knob Creek Gun Range.  Now, from all that I read and all that I saw online of this event it looked like it was going to be an amazing place to make portraits and get some really good shots.  Well, unfortunately, that is not the case.  You see, apparently, if you are a gun owner (especially one with a class 3 license – full auto) you find that someone taking your picture is tantamount to a declaration of war.  Every time I raised my camera to shoot someone or even a wide shot, someone started bitching about their right to privacy and how I was invading it.  I, in turn would counter with the fact that the same constitution that allows their ignorant asses to own machine guns allows me the freedom of speech and expression.  In fact, the 1st amendment covers what I do and the 2nd covers their ass.  They of course did not like this train of thought and some ‘punk ass liberal’ using their own argument against them.  Needless to say, it was less than amenable to making good photos.  Hell, by the end of it I was telling people that I was an agent for the bATF (alcohol, tobacco, and firearms) and that really raised some feathers.

In the end I would say that I am glad I went because if I didn’t I would wonder what I was missing out on and be kicking myself for not being proactive and just going.  Unfortunately, I have nothing to show for it except a very muddy truck, a stolen iPhone, and an impending email to some magazines letting them know that I did not get the images I was looking for.  Lesson learned.

And now, typical Right Wing rhetoric as expressed on that oh so versatile medium, the bumper sticker…