Damn you Discovery Channel

I guess the Discovery Channel is runnning something on TV right now called ‘Alaska Week’ where they send all of their shows up north to do a special on, well, Alaska.  Im getting a bit sick of all the attention that they are paying to the State.  Im just scared that all the attention is going to send all manner of idiot and tourist up there.  Hell, that one book/movie, Into the Wild, showcases that perfectly.  There is going to be a huge wave of people up North that have no idea what to do or how to survive up there and are going to go off and put a lot of people in danger.  If not that severe, it will just fill up with tourists.  Thank god it still gets too cold for the condo/loft demographic to stay away.

One thought on “Damn you Discovery Channel

  1. I agree with you about that movie. I actually went out and bought the movie on bluray because of all the positive reviews it received. I enjoyed the movie for what it was, a movie. I didn’t take it as a message from God telling me to pack up a few things and go to Alaska and live off the land. But I know that there will be those people that take the movie in that perspective. I’ve actually been watching that reality show Out of the Wild (play on the movie title, perhaps), and I get a kick out of how all the supposed “granolas” that said they were going to be the ones to make it. Now all that is left is a bus driver, some guy that trains horses, and a couple of women. None of the “experienced” outdoorsman have made it. I mention this because the ones that didn’t make it are going to be like the idiots that take Into the Wild seriously and die up there or at least fill Alaska with a bunch of idiot tourists like you said. Anyway, I’m rambling…I enjoy your posts…Keep it up.

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