Photo Clicques

I am starting to realize day by day that it seems like there is a small clique of photographers/gallerists/bloggers/critcs and they seem to recycle the same work on about a 3 month time frame.  In fact, just today while checking one of my regular blogs, I noticed that they were showcasing the same work by the same photographer that I saw on another similar, yet unaffiliated blog and a week before that, I saw the same work in the photoeye email that I get every now and then.  Granted, I would to be in that circle for the exposure but then again, I am not seeing these folks really making much of it.

I find it all a bit trite and petty.  That’s just me though.

Someone comment on this.  Call me out on this or tell me Im wrong.  Let’s hear it.


2 thoughts on “Photo Clicques

  1. I agree with the post, and Frank P’s comment. I will also add another similar thing:

    Moving from anywhere in the US to Brooklyn to help your photo career.

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