Shot-Gunning Beers on top of the Celebrity Wagon

Kenai Peninsula, a few days ago…

Shotgun Triptych


Erika Larsen and a new landscape

I have just recently gotten back into the Big City and have some decent internet connections so I have been falling down the rabbit hole that is the internet and I came across some really nice work by the photographer Erika Larsen.  Her images of The Hunt and Tactical Response are quite awesome if I do say so myself.  I have been shooting gun culture in the US for some time now and these are two aspects of it that I have been really wanting to concentrate on.  It is inspiring to see someone else making great images of these two aspects of modern living.  Good stuff.

And here is another landscape from outside Homer, AK…

pano glaciers

A long day ends in Homer

I know weird title.  I pulled into Homer, AK tonight tired, beat-down but relieved.  The fact that I actually made it here is a wonder in and of itself.  The story goes like this…

Me:  “Hey, I think Ill fly to AK one way, shoot some photos, buy a crappy car on Craigslist and drive home”

Everyone Else: “Your’re an idiot”

Me: “You don’t know what you’re talking about”

Everyone Else: “Ok.”

So, I get up here and all goes to plan and I am shooting great images and then I buy The Car.  The Car is a fine piece of Detroit steel all two bench rows and rear cargo area of it.  It will make a fine, fine chariot to deliver me from the North and enable me to see more and shoot more.  Until it stops running.  The Car runs fine for a little while and then on my way out of Anchorage yesterday it dies.  No worries, just a hiccup.  Then it dies again.  And again.  And again.  I think that it’s a fuel pump issue so I bite the financial bullet and take it to the shop.  A day later (today) I get the call…  ‘The fuel pump is fine.  We don’t know what’s wrong.’  Shit.  So, I’m in between a serious rock (The Car) and a hard place (time) so I just have to wing it and see what happens.  I get to the shop about an hour before closing time and talk to the mechanic.  He tells me that there is a minor sensor that is out of spec that we can replace but he is sure that is not the issue.  I tell him to replace it.  On his way back to the shop he mentions very casually that the throttle body was all gunked up so they took it apart and gave it a good cleaning, no big deal.  Well, hell, yeah it must have been a big deal because The Car is running strong and just tears up the highway now (as much as a 1990 chevy celebrity wagon can).

So, Im here (nowhere).  There is no more anxiety about The Car and I can sleep soundly.  Granted, it is going to take a few days of working the kinks out of my shoulders from all the stress in the last 36 hours but hey, that’s old news.

Moral of the story, buying a car on craigslist 6000 miles away from home is not for the faint of heart nor for the moderately intelligent.  Fortunately, I don’t fit into either one of those categories.

You get what you deserve…

This is totally off-topic and Im sure will piss some people off but then again, you can go to hell.

CNN just ran a story about the potential tide of Nomura Jellyfish that are poised to destroy a ton of their fishing nets and cripple their local fishing economy.  Seems to me this is just like the plot line to Godzilla (as CNN alludes to).  If you play with nuclear energy irresponsibly then you get a giant lizard that lays waste to your cities.  If you over fish the worlds oceans because you are so short sighted you can’t see past the next day, you get giant jellyfish that destroy your nets.

Fish 1, Japan 2.7 billion.  It’s a start.