Subtelty and Nuance. Smoke and vapor…

I find myself obsessed with the small things lately.  I look into shadows to see a face, I look into the sun to find a purpose yet all that remains is the blinding light of the truth and the obvious.

Here is an image that came to my attention today via Andrew Sullivan’s site (  I want to point out the subtle nature of sorrow within an overwhelming world of pain.  Notice the boy’s jeans, especially the dark spot on his thigh.  Is that a patch?  Are they poor and have to stretch every thread?  Did he piss himself?  Was the grief that unbearable?  What about the shirt?  No Fear, I doubt that.

This image brings to bear the frailty and insecurity of life in a very poignant way, very poignant indeed.

Live like lighting or die like thunder…

Picture 1


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