You get what you deserve…

This is totally off-topic and Im sure will piss some people off but then again, you can go to hell.

CNN just ran a story about the potential tide of Nomura Jellyfish that are poised to destroy a ton of their fishing nets and cripple their local fishing economy.  Seems to me this is just like the plot line to Godzilla (as CNN alludes to).  If you play with nuclear energy irresponsibly then you get a giant lizard that lays waste to your cities.  If you over fish the worlds oceans because you are so short sighted you can’t see past the next day, you get giant jellyfish that destroy your nets.

Fish 1, Japan 2.7 billion.  It’s a start.

One thought on “You get what you deserve…

  1. My reply is about the recent story on CNN about giant jellyfish, called Nomura. The story goes on to explain how terrible these enormous Nomura jellyfish are because they can grow to six-feet in diameter and rip apart fishing nets.

    My favorite quote: “Fishermen often use expensive mazelike nets that stretch for hundreds of kilometers. When swarms of giant jellyfish tear them, the result is devastating.”

    Actually, what’s devastating is the use of fishing nets that span hundreds of kilometers. This fishing practice, known as trawling, uses enormous nets weighed down by anchors that scrape the sea floor and wipe it clean of all life. Trawling is a horrendous practice has absolutely decimated hundreds of species of fish, coral and vegetation.

    In fact, CNN themselves have done stories about trawling, for example one in 1998. In that article, CNN says that trawling is a terrible practice. But in the recent Nomura article, CNN decries how the use of “expensive mazelike nets” used for trawling is being devestated by Nomura jellyfish. CNN, either your producers are asleep or your can’t commit to an opinion.

    So excuse me if I’m unable to shed a tear for these Japanese fishermen. This won’t stop them from overfishing, but it’s nice to know mother nature is getting her shots in.

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