Erika Larsen and a new landscape

I have just recently gotten back into the Big City and have some decent internet connections so I have been falling down the rabbit hole that is the internet and I came across some really nice work by the photographer Erika Larsen.  Her images of The Hunt and Tactical Response are quite awesome if I do say so myself.  I have been shooting gun culture in the US for some time now and these are two aspects of it that I have been really wanting to concentrate on.  It is inspiring to see someone else making great images of these two aspects of modern living.  Good stuff.

And here is another landscape from outside Homer, AK…

pano glaciers


One thought on “Erika Larsen and a new landscape

  1. Erika did have some really nice shots. I like the one where they are shining the lights up the tree. Looked like a bobcat hunt. My dad and I hunted bobcats, so that brought back some fond memories.

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