Im In!

Just found out that I am a finalist in the 2009 Critical Mass competition tonight and man, that was good news.  Honestly, I kinda forgot that the judging was still going on.  Now, lets just hope I make the top 50.  Just a heads up, if you are an art director, editor, gallery owner, agent or anything of the like, you will probably be getting some promo pieces from me.  Soon.




Im over seeing detroit and the fad of shooting photos of all the abandoned homes up there.  There was an interesting post on Aphotoeditor (I think) about how you can’t walk ten paces down a street in Detroit without tripping over someone’s tripod shooting one of these homes.  Yes, there are more foreclosures now, yes, there are tons of abandoned homes but this is nothing new.  Hell, most of the work I see are actually homes that have sat vacant for at least a decade, not anything from the recent bust.  So, lets get this fad overwith and make some well thought out, honest photos.

and many others…

Abandoned for a long, long time (from an abandoned miner’s home in Colorado)…

Picture 1

Archive Image and the website re-do is DONE.

I was finally able to finish cleaning up all the images on my site tonight.  I have been working on it for 3 nights now and am glad it’s over.  I added a gallery or two, pulled a few and generally made it better.  Also, in the process I found this image.  It is a fogged piece of 4×5 E6 that I shot in Big Bend last year.  That body of water seperates the US from Mexico and is so small and shallow that I was able to wade across and hang out in the desert of Mexico for the better part of a day unnoticed (no one was around) and crossed back over.  I have been reading ‘The Devil’s Highway’ recently which is about the US border lands and the absurdity of the present policy down there and the significant human toll it takes.

Technicolor Rio Grande

Holy Shit, these are about as rare as hen’s teeth…

So, I wonder who’s this was…


Seems to me I remember reading that there were only something like 10-12 ever made (for good reason).  So, if you have an extra $120-large laying around then you should buy this.  Make sure you put it on a 4:3 camera body with a 2X tube.  That should give you something like a 3600mm lens.  Hot damn.

CORRECTION regarding International Photo Awards

In my last post regarding the IPA awards I mentioned that I was a finalist.  Well, that is not exactly true due to some bad wording on their part and some oversight by me.  So, after reading and re-reading I have come to the conculsion that I am an honorable mention in the competition for two separate categories.  I was just one step away from being ‘on the podium’ but hey, an Honorable Mention is not bad, hell, Ill take it.  At least this allows me to go forward with my plans to use it to springboard a new marketing push and to spread the word.  Also, it keeps the wind in my sails for that much longer.

So yeah, marketing.  Awesome.  Ill get to that in all my free time.