Contact sheets from the last two weekends.

Lots of film.  More to come as I process the last 6 or so rolls of B/W.  It has been nice shooting film at this volume again as it has been oddly liberating.  I think it has something to do with the pace of shooting that comes from having to stop and reload fairly often.  Sure, I miss some shots and I look like a fool fumbling around with all the film and open camera backs and on and on but I love it.


Arts in the Airport show is up

Just a quickie note to let everyone know that I have 10 pieces hanging in Terminal C over by starbucks in the Nashville Airport (BNA).  So, if you are flying in or out or find yourself at the airport for no reason (why?) go take a look at the images.  I have heard from a few folks that the show looks good but I have yet to get over and see for myself.  Ill be posting actual images from the show soon once I receive them from the powers that be but until then, here is what is up (also can be found here).

contact sheet

First frame from the new Rangefinder

So, I finally got all the pieces together (camera, lens, film and oh yeah, free time) and took my Bessa R3A out to the pool hall loaded with some 1600 fuji superia and this is what I got…

Picture 2

Granted, its real grainy but I kind of like it.  Its definitely a change from creamy 4×5 negs with virtually no grain but I think it will force me to look at things differently, which is why I bought the damn thing in the first place.  This image reminds me a bit of a film still.

Portraiture from Africa

These two shots were taken on the shore of Lake Victoria in Western Kenya last November.  The subject is the documentary cinematographer Christian Knightly and he was waiting on the sun to set over the lake for some stock footage.  He was using the  coffee table as an impromptu tripod since his never made it across on his flight.  Unfortunately, his laptop was stolen out of his bags on the return flight.

Picture 1

Picture 2