Damn you Kid Rock, Damn you (shakes fists at the sky)!!!!!

It has come to my recent attention that Kid Rock is the new poster boy for Jim Beam’s new(ish) Bourbon, Red Stag.  This pisses me off.  Alot.  I sort of developed a taste for the cherry whiskey, especially on the rocks and now, well, I can’t drink it for fear of being associated with that douche.  In reality, I probably will still drink it on occasion but not with the gusto I might have before.  This is just another example of good intentions gone wrong.  Well, hopefully Kid Rock will go bankrupt and self destruct soon much like his home town of Detroit is right now.

Cheers douche.

Film Question/’Poll’ – 160VC vs. untested Ektar 100

I am more than likely going to be taking my hasselblad to Africa with me (I know, heavy, clunky etc. etc. but we get along so so nicely) and I need to figure out which film to take with me.  I have been shooting 160VC for some time now and am comfortable with it but I really really like what I am seeing from the new Ektar 100.  I have a propack here at the house that I need to test next week and get processed.  Depending on those results, I guess I will make my decision but I am leaning heavily towards the Ektar 100.  Nothing like a leap of faith into the Dark Heart of Africa with strange emulsions….

Nice review courtesy of FractionMag

I received an email from David over at Fraction Magazine this morning alerting me to quite the nice review of my work and recent participation in CroticalMass.  I believe it is the second (as of right now) entry down on the page here.  He makes a good point, you should buy some of my work, just email me…

Also, a new gallery went active on my site late last night.  It is a new project titled ‘The American Weekend’ and is in its infant stages but will be a good series to watch.



Simple pleasures

I have a large spider that has taken up residence on my front porch between the wall and the eave and me and my roommate have been steadily feeding it a healthy diet of months and other small insectoids that visit our front porch light.  I honestly believe that I have watched this thing double in size in the last 2 weeks.  Simple pleasures.