Contact Sheets…

Contact Sheets from Africa.  None are color corrected, just rough scans to see how deep Im into it all.


Film is Back!

Woke up this morning to find that the USPS had made an early drop-off of my box of film from the lab in Portland.  Fortunately, it is a gray day and cold outside so ill be inside editing and scanning all day, hopefully Ill get a bunch done.

New Polaroid

Shot this today over at Citation.  Roderick gave me a call and wanted to test a new 4×5 he purchased.  I decided to burn a few sheets of 669 and wow, this stuff is really starting to age.  Other than the underexposure and lack of contrast, I like the color palette.

Almost Home

Its around mid day on Friday and I am wasting a few huors online as the bus to Agadir doesn’t leave for 2 more hours.

Ethiopia and Morocco have been great and I cant wait to get started on processing my images and putting some new work together.  I am also looking forward to (not in order)…


Chipotle burritos

My Bed

Coors Light

The English language

Green money (or lack thereof)

and all the other things that make home Home.

Now, as I say this, I am actively trying to figure out how to get to Haiti to shoot and help in any way possible.  I have heard a lot of negative attitudes to wanting to get down there to shoot and to some folks this amounts to a very callous disrespect for the people down there and the situation as it is.  Perhaps.  My counter to that is if no one is there to shoot images and disseminate them to the world how will anyone know where aid is needed and be able to grasp the level of tragedy.  Im not saying that if I don’t go (at the moment looking like a slim chance) the images wont be taken, Im sure there is an army of photographers there.  I just feel like if possible, it would be a worthwhile endeavor.

So, the bags will stay packed, the batteries will get charged and the memory cards cleaned off.  Shots are current and the eye is tuned.  Staple my passport to my chest and kick me out the door.