BJ and the aftermath.

My friend the genius.  Note the burned up face from an unsightly little accident last Monday night…


I need help with the Summer

If anyone knows of any interesting/odd events happening this summer (namely in the South but really, anywhere), please, let me know.  I need to be shooting more for my ‘American Weekend’ project and even though I already have a good amount of things planned, I know there are some more interesting ones out there.

Finally, Africa images

After a bit of prodding I am going to upload some images from Africa.  These are some shots from the canon and at first, I was not happy with anything from that camera, rather, I was favoring my Hasselblad shots.  After a bit of poking and playing with them I am starting to see more potential in what I shot digitally so, even more options now.  These are from my first few days in Ethiopia.  It was a pretty intense day.