This is like crack for Hipsters…

Looks like those Dutch bastards have finally made instant film available for the masses (sort of).  Granted, fuji has been making instant pack film but now there are replacements for SX-70 cameras and they have some sweet emulsions too.

Now, the bad thing is that tight-jean wearing hipsters are going to be buying all this stuff up and pointing their ‘sweet vintage, yo’ Polaroid cameras at a bunch of stupid shit and claiming that they are artists and, well, essentially, getting in the way.


LED panel, step 1

I received 1000 clear white, daylight balances LED’s today in the mail and quickly set about screwing some of them up.  Apparently, when you have an LED that is rated for 3.4 volts(V) and you hook it up to a 9V battery, well, it burns it out.  So, I now have 996 LEDs.  Anyways, Im wading through all of the electrical connections and the math involved with it and I think that I have it down.  I still need to decide on either a 12V power supply or a 20V supply.  Its not a huge deal and I guess I will go with the 12V to be safe.  I have also figured out that I need to run these in parallel rather than series.  All in all, almost ready to start soldering.

Still on the shopping list…

About 400 resistors

Main Wire

Electrical tape

Soldering Gun/Solder

Some sort of perforated board to hold the LED’s (ideas here?  Unfortunately peg board will not work)

Power supply

Testing LED Lightpanels with 4×5

I tested my friend’s new 1’x1′ LED light panel the other day to see what the quality of light was like and I must say, I like it.  I was a bit skeptical at first because the light was quite harsh at first glance and it seemed very, very cold.  Now, from the scan below you can see that it is not cold and is a really nice light.  I believe it was about 4-6′ away from the subject up and to the right.  Can’t remember what the shutter speed was but something like 1/15 @ 5.6 100 ISO film.

Now, the real reason for this test?  I am building my own LED light panel in the next few weeks.  I have 1000 LED’s on order being shipped as we speak and have done all the math needed to figure out the load and power supply, etc.  This one that I tested is a 1’X1′ with 576 LED’s where mine will be more like a 1’x2′ or 18″x2′ setup and have upwards of 800 lights so, that much brighter.  We’ll see how it goes…