Hard Drive Mining

I keep finding images I had no idea I took.  Just a bunch of singles from the last, well, while


Making it in the industry

I had a unique few days this past week as I was contacted by a model who is traveling the country seeing the sights and working along the way.  She was referred to me by a mutual friend in the photo biz from quite a ways away and it turned out to be quite a fun and refreshing meeting.  Its not everyday that you meet someone for the first time and are able to get along and hold a conversation and make some great images together (hopefully – still waiting on film).  It also was a poignant reminder of how difficult it can be to ‘make it’ in the photo industry and that goes for folks on both sides of the lens.  I respect what she is doing and if anyone comes knocking on your door and needs a place to stay, some time to shoot or even grab a cold drink and just relax for a moment, take the time to do so, it is worth the time for everyone involved.

And on that note, photos hopefully to follow.