Kathleen Robbins has nice work

I found Kathleen Robbins‘ work today off of the southern photography blog (here) and am quite impressed with it, namely the ‘Into the Flatland’ portfolio.  She is able to really capture the sense of space, and place in this series and, well, its just really well done.  Go find it and take a look yourself…























I needed to put together some images for a launch party here on Friday for a launch party for SmackDab media where I am a Director of Photography and these are what I came up with…


Thoughts on a few things

Ive been surfing a few design blogs lately such as ffffound.com, jjjjound.com and the like and I am vowing never to post an image of a Single Speed/Fixed Gear or any other sort of hipster paraphenelia on my blog.  Now, its bad enough that I even have a blog but at least I don’t sit in some shit coffee shop with my mac laptop, ironic t-shirt and rakish beard blogging in public.  Hell, I think that folks do that just so that they have some sort of validity or verification that yes, they do exist.  I guess when you are a self absorbed hipster shit head and all of your peers are as well you need that sort of outlet to believe you are ‘someone.’  Im just going out on a limb here, just a few thoughts.

Remember, your sister’s jeans belong on your sister, not you.

Re-Edit from Morocco…

I went back looking for a certain image in my Morocco stuff and found a bunch more images I should probably get online.  Some good, some so-so.