Before and after views.  This is the Tilopa Backcountry bag from Fstop.  Only gone for a month, I think a carry on is acceptable…


Off to Germany

Im taking off around noon tomorrow for Germany and wanted to throw a few images up on the blog before I leave.  So, here are a few shot at the tractor pull a week or so ago as a bit of a teaser, there are plenty more I need to work on…

Film and stress. Damn.

Well, I ordered about 120 rolls of film for the Mamiya 7 for my trip in two days and it has not shown up yet.  I got the tracking info and it is somewhere here in Nashville, which is good.  I called the post office and had them keep an eye out for it so, Im going to have to run by there first thing in the morning on monday and hope hope hope they have it.  Otherwise, I will have a ton of film waiting for me when I get home.

Joy Williams of the Civil Wars for Garden and Gun

I recently shot for Garden and Gun on there women of the south feature that is in their current issue and was asked to shoot the lovely Joy Williams of the Civil Wars, among others.  In addition to shooting 4×5 stills of her, I brought out my compatriot in SmackDab media John Fucile to shoot some video of the shoot.  It has finally come time to show it to the world and you can see what we created here.

Thanks to all the folks who helped on this including but not limited to John at SmacDab, Aaron and of course Marshall at G and G.

In addition to the video here are some other images from the shoot.

About to head to Europe and how to get my story out

So, Im taking off here next Monday and heading over to Germany and the Czech Republic to shoot some more of my heavy metal project.  Im heading to Wacken Open Air festival up in northern Germany not too far from Denmark.  Im hoping for this to be the crown jewel in my project that has a few years left yet on it.  Regardless, this is going to be an amazing experience and is going to wear me out.  Im packing a tiny bag with cameras, clothes and camping gear so, this is going to be an exercise in logistics as well as endurance.

After Wacken, its off to the Czech Republic and to the border of Poland for metal festival #2, this time, its at a castle.  I don’t know a ton about this one but I do know that 1.  Motorhead is playing and 2. there is a giant hill you have to negotiate to get from the stage to the beer tent and it can be a bit treacherous, something to do with ‘the hill of death’ or something like that.  You can’t always trust google translate so, Im jsut going to wing it.

So, 100+ rolls of film and a tiny bag and Ill be off.  Now, the question is why.  Why spend the time, money and effort to go across the Atlantic, wear myself out shooting these giant festivals and being away from home?  Well, I feel that you have to keep pushing forward, keep pushing your limits both as a photographer and a person.  Like heat tempering steel, a bit of discomfort and foreign surroundings is good for the soul.

So, with that bit of poetic waxing Ill let the images speak for themselves once I get back.  Editing will take some time and I have to head to Portland (ME) right after I get back to work on my Appalachian Trail project (more on that later) so, it will be into September until I can get anything like a real edit together.