Cars + Machine Guns + Kentucky = this…

Plenty more where that came from coming up soon.  Have also been busy with some new editorial work as well, Ill get that posted once it goes to press.  A little different than what I normally shoot but should be pretty good.


Also, to all of those that received the new magazine promo I sent out, I hope you enjoy it.  Ive received nothing but positive feedback so, thank you.  To anyone who wants one, please, email me and Ill make it happen.



I went up the the world’s largest machine gun shoot off (presumably outside of a war zone) up at the Knob Creek range in Kentucky.  I have a bunch of assignments coming up in the next few days so the rest of the film will have to wait but I wanted to scan one and get it out there.


This kid was kinda cute at the time but looking at it now, it creeps me the hell out.

Child in Gas Mask, Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot