70000 tons of metal, part deux

So, the 70000 Tons of Metal heavy metal cruise ship should be coming back to port today in Miami and damn if I didn’t wish I was on it.  Alas, I had to give up my ticket for my trip to Guatemala, which was well worth it, but still, jealous.
Fear not because I have some images from last year for all to enjoy…



Back From Guatemala

I have been in Guatemala on assignment all last week and am just now coming up for some air.  I have tons of images and pending the clients selects, Ill post some.  I do have some film images I can share that I made while in Antigua (the city, not the island) on my last 2 days.  This was quite the trip what with being chased out of the valley I was in by armed bandits, having lunch through a 6.2 earthquake, fighting traffic in Guatemala city and (almost) losing, too much rain and too much mud.  All in all, a good time and would like to head back to Central America to work on my own terms as that place is a zoo.


Another Florida image

Contrary to popular belief, I did not blow anything up in this shot.  It was in fact a forest fire in Central Florida from the last few days of the year.  I drove up from Miami to Sarasota and decided to take state highways instead of the interstates so as to see some more terrain instead of outlet malls and rampant development.  Earlier in the day I saw numerous fires which turned out to be sugar cane fields burning down after harvest so as to replenish the soil.   I assumed this plume was one of those as well but after getting closer and looking at the color of the smoke, I realized this was not a deliberate fire.  Either way, makes for a striking photo.

Abscence and Oranges

Ive neglected posting on here for some time partly to being busy before the holidays and then the holidays themselves, then some travel (key west) and now, getting up to speed here in the beginning of 2012.  For the sake of not sounding like a lot of my peers, I won’t go into how 2012 is gonna kick ass and be super awesome and productive, these things should go without saying.  Its time to put your head down and do work.  Hit it hard and don’t relent.

On that note, here is one of the images I like the most from the beginning of the year.  It was New Years Day and apparently, time to harvest the oranges down in Florida.