I have a new blog…

I know, the world doesn’t need any more blogs but I have one for my Appalachian Trail Portrait Project that is kicking off this spring.  So, you can find it here…



So, go check it out.  I will be updating it as much as possible as to my whereabouts along the trail and what i have been up to.


Mud, Sweat and Fears

Nice writeup/interview with wonderful machine about my recent trip to Guatemala.  Check it out…


Trying to get the word out on my new project…

Shooting the Appalachian Trail this season, should be awesome and very long.  Im not actually hiking it, just driving up and down the length of it shooting folks as they come into the trail towns or make a road crossing.




These are 3 PDF’s that I will be distributing to area stores in the form of printed posters to try and drum up some interest so, if you would like, please feel free to download them and print your self!