New website coming shortly and during editing, I found this…

So, Im getting images ready for a new site and am re-editing a lot of previous galleries, combining some and flat out getting rid of others.  In addition, I have been going through my collection and have ended up finding little gems here and there like this one…

Really drunk at Wacken 2011

This guy was hanging out near the media entrance to the front of the stage at Wacken in Germany this summer and, well, he was hammered.  No other way to put it – this guy was just flat out stinking hammered piss drunk, not that its not obvious or anything.  Anyways, he staggered around a bunch and pin-balled off folks standing around and then he saw me shooting him.  I guess he did not approve and he expressed that to me by taking a step towards me and promptly falling flat on his face and passing out in the mud.  Last I saw the crowd absorbed around him and folks dragged him out to make room for more fans.  Ah, drinking.


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