This is summer.

Granted, we are about to get hit with 108 deg. temperatures here in Middle TN through the weekend but I wanted to get one more sun worshiping image out there before I start cursing that great big ball of fire in the sky tomorrow.

Down on the Ocoee a week ago, great times…


New work and a long abscence

I know, its been awhile.  Its summer, the days are long and I don’t want to be behind a screen writing blog posts but, it is essential.  So, here on this longest day of the year I just wrapped up a bunch of scans from a job in N. Michigan, dropped a bunch of 4×5 off to get processed from a new series shot today and am anxiously waiting to see my work in about 6 magazines, all from the last month or so.  That being said, here is an image from that trip to Michigan and there are plenty more to come.  The slow, precision of shooting film chest deep in a frigid river pairs nicely with Fly Fishing, don’t you think?