Such a long day

And so begins my longest week ever.  Not really, well, maybe – either way, its going to be long.  Started shooting at 6:30 AM eastern time (5:30 nashville) and just wrapped up here at 12:45 am (againm nashville) with my second back to back shoot for today.  So, I have been at it for, oh, 19 hrs. 15 min.  Something like that.  Tomorrow will be a bit easier and I get to sleep in my bed for the first time in a week here in just a bit.  Speaking of that, I added up my days away and days home for this part of the summer and between July 1 and Sept. 1, I will have been away 43 days out of 63 total.  Whoa.  Love to travel but I love my bed too.


An epic week has already started

Well, my flight landed back here in Nashville after being in charleston for a weekend and I’m back on the road driving to Knoxville for an assignment. I have a 7 am call time (damn morning light) and then have to rush home for another shoot at 6. After that, another shoot in Nashville and then whirlwind packing for China, where I’m headed to first thing Wednesday morning. After that, it’s a flight home then immediately to Texas 12 hours later then back and up to Illinois for another 3 day shoot. It’s a whirlwind out here, crazy crazy. I might get some images out one of these days when I’m not traveling everywhere. Keep posted.

Jonathan Malphrus of Steric Desing for American Craftsmen

I had another quick shoot today for my American Craftsmen series with Jonathan Malphrus.  He runs Steric design, a solid furniture design shop here in Nashville, and is one hell of a guy as well.  Just like before, Im waiting on the meat and potatoes of the shoot (film, that is) but here are a few shots until the lab is finished.



By the way, the blog will be a bit quiet for the next week or two.  I am heading to Charleston SC here in a few hours and then am off to China for a shoot next wednesday and back sometime mid August.  Enjoy the summer!

Big River

This morning is a little rough.  I was up until about 3 am scanning all my film from Alaska/Yukon Terr. and even though I finally got it all done in one big push, I am a zombie because of it.  Anyways, got something along the lines of 75-80 solid images so, should be rolling those into a nice body of work soon.  I wanted to share a few and this is one of the first ones I processed.  Yukon River looking East from above Dawson City, YT Canada…

New work for my new projcet, American Craftsmen

So, I have this new project I am working on tentativley called ‘American Craftsmen’ and I am shooting folks (men and women, cratfspeople) who still make durable goods with their hands and I am trying to show the individuality that comes out in both the maker and the final product.  There will be more on this later but I had a double header today with Matt Alexander of Holler Design in the morning and a guitar maker in the afternoon (it is Nashville and all).  For now, Ill just show a quick shot from the morning shoot but I have 23 rolls at the lab so, plenty more to come.  Enjoy and go looks at Matt’s work online…

Back from Alaska and a rough wrap up of the last few weeks.

So, Im back from Alaska and the Yukon after heading up for 10 days or so.  I went to see an old friend and to shoot some new work.  It was unseasonably cold when I arrived, especially since when I boarded the flight in Chicago it was 103 but then again, its Alaska – these things happen.  After touching ground it was off to the races with a quick trip up to Talkeetna to watch what had to have been the worst public art performance ever.  I think it was actually so bad it was good.  From there it was back to Anchorage to gather some gear and then down to the epic landscape of Seward.  Yes, some salmon fishing did happen even though the run this year was just atrocious.  After cooking up some salmon and making a whole mess of ceviche it was time to turn the car around and head North.  After many, many hours of driving, we took the left turn after Tok, AK and headed towards Chicken, AK and the Canadian border.  Needless to say, this was probably the most amazing drive I have ever taken.  I promise, I shot the hell out of some film up there, just waiting on the lab to run through the deluge of 120 I sent them.  After the drive and Chicken we found ourselves square in the middle of the Klondike in Dawson City.  I won’t go into too much detail but shots of whiskey that had real human toes in them were drank.  Seriously.  Needless to say, there are stories to be shared and memories to try and erase.


All in all, it was an amazing trip and I have a TON of new work that will be slowly working its way onto the new site.

I have a lot of new tearsheets up on the site as well and in addition to that, look for a general reworking of the galleries and images on my site.

I have a new portfolio being hand built at the moment so, ask and you can perhaps have it on your desk.

Finally, the big news for the month is that I have been selected as 1 of 2 photographers to travel over to NE China to produce a body of work for their tourism/cultural affairs board.  I will be in China from at least Aug. 1 – Aug. 6 working on that but am probably going to be extending that.


More images to come but for now, a nice one when the sun was shining in Alaska…Image