What a week. Wow.

Well, when it rains it pours, right?  I have been super busy lately, probably the busiest of the year.  After being in Alaska, then Charleston, then China and then Texas I ended up getting called out to Memphis for 3 shoots and one in Tulsa.  So, Monday morning was a 4:00 am start, drive to Memphis, shoot in the AM and one in the afternoon and then a 5 am call time Tuesday morning, wrap that, drive 6.5 hours to Tulsa, shoot that afternoon and then see the folks in OKC for a fwew hours and some sleep.  Wednesday morning is back in the truck and back to Nashville for a total of 1800 miles and 4 shoots.  Then, Thursday saw me actually shooting in Nashville (a rarity, trust me) and was a really great early wrap up to the week.  In fact, Im heading to a cabin in the woods tomorrow and not even thinking about a camera or a computer or really anything other than cold beer and trout fishing.  Here is a quick shot from today (yes, was shooting at a barber shop if you couldn’t tell..)


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