Southern Vernacular

Im about to add a new gallery to my site, take a few old ones down and generally mix things up a bit.  I have to head to Minneapolis at the end of the week so, might be next week until it is done but here is a little taste…


This last image is a piece of coal on the banks of the Cumberland up in Kentucky.  Its amazing what a boring and unremarkable rock can do for a region, both good and bad.


Out and about in Kentucky coal country


I had some time between wrapping up one shoot in Lexington this morning and starting my next assignment in Chattanooga tomorrow so, I took the long and windy way instead of I 75 (never take the interstate unless you are in a serious hurry – you miss too much) and it was a perfect, albeit hot fall day.  This photo might make an appearance in the future as a background plate, btw…

A quick recap and a few images

Ive been quite busy these last few weeks.  Between heading to the gulf for a shoot and then all over the Mid/Deep South and then back home for some more work in my own backyard (its rare lately that I work in Nashville), Ive been running like crazy.  There are tons of good images to show for it but of course, can’t show them yet.  Soon.  In addition to all of the work I had a ton of family and friends in town for some reason… (oh, right, I got married) so that took up a lot of time, sleep, patience and everything else.

So, now its back to work and try and give it a strong push into the end of the year.  Things are looking good – just need to stay on top of a ton of images and all the marketing/work stuff that is going on.  Ill part with a quick issue that arose recently with one of my images.  I shot a photo here in town for a national magazine recently and it was brought to my attention that the same photo (with credit, which was odd) was published in a local magazine.  I contacted my client (the national mag) and they said they had nothing to do with it so, I had a problem on my hands.  A few emails back and forth and the local mag was very apologetic and took them off their online version right away.  Problem solved.  Or not.  Turns out, it was not the local magazine’s fault in the first place as they received the image in good faith from the folks I shot who represented it as being without copyright or embargo which it was clearly not.  So, now I have to have that talk with folks who probably don’t understand the intricacies of image usage.  I just have to remember to use my inside voice and make sure I get the point across.
Is it a big deal?  Not financially.  Im not losing tons of money or anything like that.  Where it is a big deal is in the business integrity side of things.  You have to watch over where your images go and how they are used and make sure that clients know that you are not out there sharing images that are under embargo or the like without approval.  Take the high road – its a bit tougher and more work for sure but it will pay off in the end.


And now, random behind the scenes images.  I see a theme with the shirt…