Falconry images

So, I was able to make a few phone calls and one thing led to another and next thing I know Im walking through a field on a beautiful day with a Falconer and his gorgeous Red Tail Hawk.  The light was less than amazing but Ill be back again to do some more controlled, set portraits.  That being said, Im very happy with the images I was able to make.  I didn’t loose an eyeball, didn’t get mauled and generally survived unscathed.  It did bite me once and did land on my shoulder pirate style but all in all was real good.



And this is me in a staring contest with a Red Tailed Hawk.  Needless to say, it won when it bit me.

Bill Haslam Sr. for FORTUNE

Recently, I was called back out to Knoxville to shoot a portrait of Bill Haslam Sr. for Fortune magazine.  Mr. Haslam is the Pater Familias of the Haslam dynasty that has produced some of Tennessee’s most notable figures.  He is also the founder of Pilot truck stops where we were set to shoot.

All in all, it was a great day behind the camera and for someone as well known and with as much influence as him, he was very easy going and great in front of the lens.  It was East Tennessee after all…