Off again…

Im heading to Morocco here in a few hours for 2 weeks to shoot some new work and participate in an artists residency I was selected for.  Ill be shooting large format portraits of Sufi muslim pilgrims at a village that houses an ancient tomb up in the Atlas Mountains.  I don’t know what my connectivity will be like while away so, probably going to be quiet here for a bit.  Also, I am going to be very very busy as well so, won’t have time to post anyways.

Back soon with a slew of new work…




Billy Dee says its good for me…

There was some processed 4×5 waiting for me in all my mail from the last month so, had a chance to scan a few images.  So, here is your artsy dystopian photo for the day.  Look close.

Colt45 in Wall

Speaking of 4×5 film, I received all of my film for my trip to Morocco today as well…


Back from overseas and some new published work

I guess one of the nice things about being gone for a month is that when you come home, you have a whole bunch of good stuff waiting for you.  And bills.  Bills are no fun though.

Anyways, the images I shot for Country Living out in Tulsa before I left are out now.  I was sent out for an interesting assignment to document an old drive-in theater, the Admiral Twin, that burnt down a few years back and how the community rallied together to raise the funds to rebuild it.  I won’t ruin the whole story so, pick up a copy and take a look for yourself.

As with any assignment, this one came with its own set of challenges.  Being December, you would think it would be chilly but no, it was in the 80’s, was extremely windy (you would think I would know this after living in OK for 8 years) and lots of blowing dust that made for some tricky shooting conditions, especially on top of a 20′ ladder.

Thanks to Will Morel and all the other good folks at Country Living for the fun and challenging assignment.  Its always fulfilling to work hard and work for good people.

Country Living Admiral Twin

As an aside, this post obviously means that I am back and will be more active here but I am actually leaving the country again for 2 weeks here on Jan. 22 – more to come on that one towards the end of the week.