Migration, perhaps.

Im looking at migrating this blog over to Tumblr so I can be hip.  I can’t wear skinny jeans, my bike has too many gears and PBR makes me fight the police so, I figure this is the next best thing towards being ironically cool.

Its not a done deal yet, still researching options.  Any comments/suggestions are appreciated.


7 thoughts on “Migration, perhaps.

      • ok, you just left my realm of understanding. While I am both a graphic designer and blogger, I have no clue what keyword or SEO capabilities are.

        No wonder I only have 106 followers.

        I did notice Tumblr had celebrity blogs…maybe it is cooler.

  1. You totally, 100% are a hipster on the DL. Or down low if you really need me to spell it out for you. You’re welcome for opening your eyes to this. 🙂

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