I should be sleeping but…

… Im up scanning some film from today.  I recently came into some Type 55 and decided to shoot a few sheets of it to see if it still worked and if I still liked it.  Check yes on both of those.  Anyways, had a shoot for the NY Times magazine today earlier (nothing to do with what I am sharing here) and it went really well so, some of that mojo must have carried over to the afternoon.

So, Colleen called me up and wanted to get some photos made real quick since she is cutting her dreds off this week after what I imagine is a few years.  A white BG and the 4×5 all set up, the sun cooperated and went behind some clouds and we got to it.  I haven’t seen the actual film yet but this is one of my favorite images so far this year so, here

Colleen Type 55Its kind of nice shooting B/W again – been awhile for that too.  Ok, I have to sleep – out of town again tomorrow for another shoot…


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