A small-ish update

I had one hell of a long weekend these last few days and Im feeling it.  I was outside all day Saturday and Sunday at the rugby tournament that we (Nashville Rugby) host every year and it is exhausting.  That being said, I was able to try out my new mobile studio set up and it went great.  Ill have a bunch of new photos trickling in through the week as I process them but here are a few…

Mobile Studio _MG_8398-Edit _MG_8363-Edit _MG_8345-Edit


Ive been playing rugby my whole adult life and its one of those things that is hard to really describe to folks who don’t play or aren’t familiar with it.  Regardless of the actual sport and its own unique rules, the culture that surrounds it is amazing.  There is a bond and camaraderie that you really don’t find anywhere else and there is a certain insanity element that goes with it as well.  The shenanigans that take place at any sort of rugby event are as numerous as they are inappropriate for this blog.  These rugby portraits are my attempt to put into a picture what its really like being wrapped up in this crazy crazy world.  There will be lots more to follow and this might turn into a full out project of mine, the only problem is that it is hard to stay behind the camera when there are matches to be played…





2 thoughts on “A small-ish update

  1. Just found your website and saw these photos! I met you briefly at the tournament, I was the girl who had surgery on her hand and had a button coming out of my finger. Love the commentary with these photos as well, I had no idea you played! Keep up the amazing work and hope to see you out on the pitch sometime again!

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