So, it looks like some of my heavy metal images (4 actually) are going to be shown up in Northern Germany this summer on one of the barrier islands.  Just type in Zingst DE in google and you’ll see.
Should have more info and some exhibition photos soon as well.

More to come later….


Weekend Warrior

I came back from NYC and my flight was delayed so, I didn’t get in to bed until about 1:30.  It happens.  Thing is, I had to be up the next morning at 5:45 to go shoot a charity bike ride that one of my friends was putting on so, this is as much about shooting for a good cause as it is a testament to the wonderful creation of coffee.

Anyways, the ride was to benefit one of the local animal shelters here in town and was held out in the country in Gallatin and you couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.  There was lots of sun, lots of fancy bikes and lots (too much, too early) spandex.  Like I said, coffee gets me through.

Pedal for Paws_016

Pedal for Paws_005

Pedal for Paws_081

Pedal for Paws_043

Pedal for Paws_076

Pedal for Paws_039

Pedal for Paws_036

Pedal for Paws_690


And then there was this abomination to all that is holy.  Way, way to early for this shit sometimes…

Pedal for Paws_058

NYC Update

Just a quick update from Manhattan bit I couldn’t have picked better weather for my visit. It’s 75, sunny and everyone is out and about and in a great mood, which is a good thing when you are showing portfolios and blathering on about work.

Went to the Modern Farmer magazine launch party last night and it was a damn blast. Thanks to Ann Marie and the rest of the staff for what they are doing there. It takes some serious stones to start a brand new magazine in this day and age. Thanks to them for bringing me onboard and letting me shoot a feature for the first edition.

Here is a quick shot of the opener to my feature and the images look great and the story is well written. The magazine should be carried at whole foods and a few other retailers so, go pick up a copy and hell support the magazine.


This is a man with a frog.

True story.  This is a man with a frog (actually 2 frogs but that’s not important).  This man lives in Thailand.  The frog used to live in Thailand as well but is now dead.  The man killed the frog because the frog had the misfortune of being born delicious.


My wife wouldn’t talk to me for a solid half hour because I kept showing the photos of the frog and she hates frogs.

Farm to table in a serious way.

That is all.