Lighting test, a new portrait and some updates

I had some time this morning before things got good and busy so I decided to take the opportunity to set some lights up and try out a lighting scheme I had in mind for a few days now.  Aaron came over and was kind enough to sit for a bit and let me experiment and Im happy with the results.


Aaron actually runs a blog dedicated to custom knives (there’s a niche for everything) and he wanted something he could use to update his profile image.  Seeing that the blog revolves around knives he wanted something that was a bit edgy (12:30 am pun there for you) and had some mood to it.  3 lights and some pretty cramped quarters in my studio/shed and that’s all it took.  Personally, Im a fan of the shot without the props but that goes for almost any image I shoot.  Regardless, it executes the concept well.



Now, for the update I mentioned.  Its take some time and lots of second guessing and all the other pains that come with editing one’s own work but my new portfolios have finally been printed and should be arriving by the end of the week.  Anyone who is familiar with my previous books will know that I like multiple volumes so I can tell different stories.  This time around is no different in that regard but other than that, everything is different.

Its a good thing that they are being shipped when they are because I am heading up to NYC on Tuesday to get the books in play and meet some new folks.  So, if you are in the city next week and want to meet up and take a look at the new work, please, just let me know – Ill be around.

Ill have another update in a week or so when I am back from NYC and then wrapped with a shoot the day after (finally finishing a project – thought it would never happen).  Until then…


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