Big Trouble in Little China…

So, I was in San Francisco/NorCal this past week seeing the sights, eating well and taking meetings (THANK YOU to all those that took time out of their day).  Now, I have been the the Bay Area a few times before but somehow I always seem to miss Chinatown and never have time to walk the streets and check things out.  One of my lifelong goals was to find the alley way in Chinatown where the epic gang fight between the Chang Sings and Wing Kong went down.  Unfortunately, it has been brought to my attention that the actual alley was a soundstage built in LA and only exists on film now.  So, I walked the lonely streets of Chinatown a defeated man and I could hardly contain my dismay…

Actually, I don’t really care and it was a good excuse to just walk around with my x100s and see what I could see.  That being said, I give you Tony Hu, the Chinese-American fishmonger taking a smoke break…






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