Finally some new business cards or, in other news, Im a luddite

I don’t know how many folks still use business cards, at least in my line of work, but I like them.  They don’t really cost all that much and are a great way to make a good first impression.  Even if someone takes a quick glance and then throws it in a desk drawer, there is always that chance they will find it one day and call you up.  Ive actually had it happen.  Anyways, Ive been out of cards for months and months and now that I have my new branding, I got my act together and got some printed.  In addition to that, I even had a custom die stamp made and had them blind debossed yesterday at K2Forma here in town.  Im totally pro now.


Meet me out somewhere and Ill hand you one but in the meantime, Ill always be checking email…



Im pleased to announce that I have signed with a photographers representative recently.  This is one of those things that I always wanted and now have so, this Monday is exceptionally not-sucky.

So, I am represented by Agency MJ for my commercial work.  They can be reached at or 615-873-4577.

Agency MJ Logo


All that the light of the moon touches…

Living in Tennessee and being selectively redneck at times, one is exposed to that ol’ white liquor from time to time.  Of course, more often than not it comes in a nondescript mason jar or other unmarked container of dubious quality and as much fun as it is not really knowing what you are getting yourself into when you point your elbow to the sky, there are times when I would rather fillet my own hand than drink it.  You see, there are plenty of folks out there with no business making ‘shine but on the flip side, you find some real quality juice every now and then.  The guys over at American Born Moonshine do know what they are doing and have made a hell of a product and as of last night have successfully brought it to market.  I was fortunate enough to have been brought in to help this fledgling company develop their branding and image and bring it to fruition.  Lots of hard work, some early mornings and a lot of laughs later, we have a bang up campaign and the future looks bright for these guys.  Go find you a jar and clear off the next 2 days and have some fun.

There will be lots more images forthcoming but in the mean time, go check out to check out the video spot we shot as well.

ABM_Pic2_db ABM_Pic1_db



Nashville has become quite the hot spot for fine dining lately and it really is changing the city for the better.  Long gone are the days when you would have to really really think hard about where to take out of town guests and god forbid they come to town more than once because there just weren’t that many restaurants.  Now, fast forward and there are amazing new places popping up every week and we have an honest-to-god legitimate foodie subculture here (for better or for worse).

Now, one problem with amazing food and people that appreciate it is that it can be damn hard to get reservations anywhere, at least for ones not at 5pm on a Tuesday.  HUSK is probably the worst offender.  Really, I can not seem to get a damn reservation – its very frustrating (1st world problem).

The solution to this is either camp out on their sidewalk and stalk the manager or get commissioned for an editorial shoot there just prior to lunch and maybe drag the shoot out a little longer than is needed…  In all seriousness though, I am privileged to have awesome clients (who have to remain nameless for the time being) who give me awesome assignments.

The forthcoming images will be awesome and I just might be able to wrangle a decent reservation out of this.  Wish me luck.