Shoot what you love.

Ive been fortunate enough to have some really killer assignments that have been fun or fulfilling or interesting or all of the above and I am very, very thankful for that.  Ive also had plenty are more utilitarian and straightforward but there is value in these as well.  They teach you to look deeper, work harder and really coax every bit of nuance out of your subject.

Now, coming back full circle, Ive started to re-discover why I chose to be a photographer and that is because it allows me to immerse myself in what I love.  So, with that being said, its as easy as shoot what you love.  Shoot with purpose and shoot with passion.


Peter Jones of Jones Fly Co., Nashville TN because I love to fly fish


Fly Tying




Fleeting Seasons

One minute you are standing in a river shooting and enjoying the warm weather and late days and the next it is getting dark at 4:30 and all the leaves are rapidly falling off the trees.  Its times like this when I really need to force myself to carve out some time and get outside and shoot some images.

Now, with the recent (stupid) time change also comes earlier sunrises so, it was early up yesterday and out to some local woods with a model and assistant in tow with the promise of hot coffee once the shooting was done.

Even though the sun wasn’t as cooperative as I would have liked, I was still able to make some nice images.  Im waiting on the color film to come back but I have a few Type 55 exposures to show for it…

Kristen Rogers_001 Kristen Rogers_002


Now, I said the colors were changing and things were looking good out in the woods so, I am obligated to show this image of me looking like a homeless man with some beautiful light in the back.  Thanks goes to Brett for capturing me in such stunning detail looking like an idiot.  Thanks Brett.



So, get outside and go shoot something.  Do it.

New website coming shortly and during editing, I found this…

So, Im getting images ready for a new site and am re-editing a lot of previous galleries, combining some and flat out getting rid of others.  In addition, I have been going through my collection and have ended up finding little gems here and there like this one…

Really drunk at Wacken 2011

This guy was hanging out near the media entrance to the front of the stage at Wacken in Germany this summer and, well, he was hammered.  No other way to put it – this guy was just flat out stinking hammered piss drunk, not that its not obvious or anything.  Anyways, he staggered around a bunch and pin-balled off folks standing around and then he saw me shooting him.  I guess he did not approve and he expressed that to me by taking a step towards me and promptly falling flat on his face and passing out in the mud.  Last I saw the crowd absorbed around him and folks dragged him out to make room for more fans.  Ah, drinking.

About to head to Europe and how to get my story out

So, Im taking off here next Monday and heading over to Germany and the Czech Republic to shoot some more of my heavy metal project.  Im heading to Wacken Open Air festival up in northern Germany not too far from Denmark.  Im hoping for this to be the crown jewel in my project that has a few years left yet on it.  Regardless, this is going to be an amazing experience and is going to wear me out.  Im packing a tiny bag with cameras, clothes and camping gear so, this is going to be an exercise in logistics as well as endurance.

After Wacken, its off to the Czech Republic and to the border of Poland for metal festival #2, this time, its at a castle.  I don’t know a ton about this one but I do know that 1.  Motorhead is playing and 2. there is a giant hill you have to negotiate to get from the stage to the beer tent and it can be a bit treacherous, something to do with ‘the hill of death’ or something like that.  You can’t always trust google translate so, Im jsut going to wing it.

So, 100+ rolls of film and a tiny bag and Ill be off.  Now, the question is why.  Why spend the time, money and effort to go across the Atlantic, wear myself out shooting these giant festivals and being away from home?  Well, I feel that you have to keep pushing forward, keep pushing your limits both as a photographer and a person.  Like heat tempering steel, a bit of discomfort and foreign surroundings is good for the soul.

So, with that bit of poetic waxing Ill let the images speak for themselves once I get back.  Editing will take some time and I have to head to Portland (ME) right after I get back to work on my Appalachian Trail project (more on that later) so, it will be into September until I can get anything like a real edit together.

Garden and Gun wins big

I just received an email letting me know that Garden and Gun, the southern lifestyle magazine I shoot for, has just cleaned up in the awards department.

First and foremost, they have won the National Magazine Award for General excellence in the Food/Travel/Design category beating out the likes of Conde’ Nast Traveller, Martha Stewart Living and Saveur, all of whom have much larger budgets.

G/G also received a James Beard award and numerous awards at the MAGS (Magazine Association of the South).

So, here’s to making more and better work!

Ah, the cruising lifestyle…

So, just did my online check in for the Metal Cruise next week and damn, it is as annoying as I thought it would be.  It was chock full of lame terms like “SetSail” pass.  Its not a boarding pass, its a damn SetSail pass.  I lost count of how many times ahoy and welcome aboard were mentioned too, pretty hokey.  So, on that note, this will be my illustrious home for the cruise.  I have a feeling that the lower few decks are going to be rowdy, loud and absolute mayhem.  Perfect.