Nashville. Always Classy.

I had some friends in from Minneapolis this weekend so, had to take them around town and show them a good time.  After much debate, I realized that there really isn’t much outside of drinking and more drinking going on in this town unless you can be in a canoe in the summer or happen to catch some sports one night.  Now, Im not complaining as a good time is always to be had but sometimes, you just need to know when to leave the camera at home.  Or, in this case, drink a bunch of moonshine shots and bring it back out.
It was a long night and it ended at 11:30….



Some heavy metal images showing in Germany…

My European agent was kind enough to send me some images of a recent opening up at a photo festival (Horizonte-Zingst)on the North Sea where I had a few of my heavy metal images showing.  You can see their whole blog post here (its in german)…


I have no idea who this gentleman is that is gesturing to my images though…


This is a man with a frog.

True story.  This is a man with a frog (actually 2 frogs but that’s not important).  This man lives in Thailand.  The frog used to live in Thailand as well but is now dead.  The man killed the frog because the frog had the misfortune of being born delicious.


My wife wouldn’t talk to me for a solid half hour because I kept showing the photos of the frog and she hates frogs.

Farm to table in a serious way.

That is all.

Migration, perhaps.

Im looking at migrating this blog over to Tumblr so I can be hip.  I can’t wear skinny jeans, my bike has too many gears and PBR makes me fight the police so, I figure this is the next best thing towards being ironically cool.

Its not a done deal yet, still researching options.  Any comments/suggestions are appreciated.

Back, back, back again

Well, im back from shooting my second music cruise. This one was a lot different than the first and I have to say, I’m glad to be back. The bands were a bit more sterile, the fans more domestic and all in all, not a bad gig, just not a great one. Granted, being in the Caribbean in the winter isn’t bad, I’m just glad to be back for the holidays.

Initially, here are my observations for this cruise…

Music cruises should only take place when the entire boat is part of the music event, not just half. It’s hard to really get down when you have old folks on their rascal running you over.

4 people to a cruise room is 2 too many, even with a balcony.

Italians smoke a lot, especially on an Italian boat.

Costa Maya is reminiscent of an internment camp, just painted brighter colors with a swim up bar.

Don’t underestimate the photo crew, even rock stars can take a few pointers from us on how to party.

That’s all for now.