Ice station zebra

Ive just come back from shooting in Minnesota during one of the coldest winters in recent history.  I really know how to pick my locations for my shoots, right?  Im sure Ill end up choosing to go to South Mississippi in the middle of the summer for a shoot when its 100 deg. and 100% humidity…  Anyways, I was in MN and it was cold, we’ll just leave it at that and not talk about how I could barely operate my camera and my shutter freezing up.

So, why was I up there?  Well, I decided to check out what ice fishing was all about.  You see, Im a bit of a fishing addict and I had to try my hand at this odd variation of my favorite way to spend time outdoors.  It didn’t hurt that it had an odd Americana vibe to it and generally misunderstood by most all outside of the northern latitudes.  I was prepared to find a bunch of men drunk on cheap beer and whiskey staring at small holes in the ice and perhaps a bit crazy from the cold and the absurdity of it all and, well, that’s what I found.


Ice Fishing_002

Aside from the small pike I caught, the only other fish I saw out on Mille Lacs was this small guy called an eel pout.  They are considered a trash fish and this one found a second life as a shot glass.  You see, these guys froze the fish solid with its mouth open the night before and that way they were able to pour liquor into its mouth and then into theirs.  Like I said, things got strange out on the ice.

Ice Fishing_031 Ice Fishing_027 Ice Fishing_023



I was able to try my hand at a bit of fishing (drinking in a small hut with a rod near by) and actually caught a fish in the first 20 minutes so, I don’t have to do that again.  All in all it was a blast and I have some fun images from it.  Regardless, Ill take fly fishing in the Bahamas any day…




Nashville. Always Classy.

I had some friends in from Minneapolis this weekend so, had to take them around town and show them a good time.  After much debate, I realized that there really isn’t much outside of drinking and more drinking going on in this town unless you can be in a canoe in the summer or happen to catch some sports one night.  Now, Im not complaining as a good time is always to be had but sometimes, you just need to know when to leave the camera at home.  Or, in this case, drink a bunch of moonshine shots and bring it back out.
It was a long night and it ended at 11:30….


A small-ish update

I had one hell of a long weekend these last few days and Im feeling it.  I was outside all day Saturday and Sunday at the rugby tournament that we (Nashville Rugby) host every year and it is exhausting.  That being said, I was able to try out my new mobile studio set up and it went great.  Ill have a bunch of new photos trickling in through the week as I process them but here are a few…

Mobile Studio _MG_8398-Edit _MG_8363-Edit _MG_8345-Edit


Ive been playing rugby my whole adult life and its one of those things that is hard to really describe to folks who don’t play or aren’t familiar with it.  Regardless of the actual sport and its own unique rules, the culture that surrounds it is amazing.  There is a bond and camaraderie that you really don’t find anywhere else and there is a certain insanity element that goes with it as well.  The shenanigans that take place at any sort of rugby event are as numerous as they are inappropriate for this blog.  These rugby portraits are my attempt to put into a picture what its really like being wrapped up in this crazy crazy world.  There will be lots more to follow and this might turn into a full out project of mine, the only problem is that it is hard to stay behind the camera when there are matches to be played…




New website coming shortly and during editing, I found this…

So, Im getting images ready for a new site and am re-editing a lot of previous galleries, combining some and flat out getting rid of others.  In addition, I have been going through my collection and have ended up finding little gems here and there like this one…

Really drunk at Wacken 2011

This guy was hanging out near the media entrance to the front of the stage at Wacken in Germany this summer and, well, he was hammered.  No other way to put it – this guy was just flat out stinking hammered piss drunk, not that its not obvious or anything.  Anyways, he staggered around a bunch and pin-balled off folks standing around and then he saw me shooting him.  I guess he did not approve and he expressed that to me by taking a step towards me and promptly falling flat on his face and passing out in the mud.  Last I saw the crowd absorbed around him and folks dragged him out to make room for more fans.  Ah, drinking.