It’s almost February?

Time flies man, time files.  I have been so caught up in getting, well, caught up with things for 2014 that I didn’t even realize that January is well on its way to being over.  With that said, its time for some updates and catching up…

I was in Michigan in mid-November working on a new personal piece based around the opening day of deer season and how it is a very uniquely American event, especially in the upper Midwest.  I shot stills and motion and recorded audio as well and I have someone writing a nice essay for it as well so, it will be turned into a nice multimedia piece soon.  In the mean time, you can see a sample of work on my site here.


I spent about 10 days down in the Bahamas shooting stills and video for a fly fishing lodge on South Andros island.  In addition to being an amazing chance to produce some new work and to itch that travel bug, I was also able to get some killer fishing in.  Ive spent a good bit of my life fishing and it even landed me in Alaska for an extended period as a guide in a past life so, you could say Im kinda into these sorts of things.  It can be tough with a camera in hand and wishing you were fishing but sometimes the opposite happens where Ive got a rod in hand and wish I was shooting – its a good problem to have.  Anyways, the lodge I worked with featured some work here but you can also see an extended gallery on my site here.  Im working on getting some motion edited for this and it should be ready any day now.


Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.51.20 AM

Since Ive been back from my various trips its back to business and things have been progressing nicely.  I have a few bids out and am up for a few larger editorial gigs and that always makes me happy.  Im looking forward to working with new clients and solving new problems – it really is one of the best parts of the job.  Now, speaking of bids and clients and the like, I am pleased to announce that I am now represented by Agency MJ and without them, I wouldn’t be pushing forward the way I have lately.  You’ll be hearing more about this soon…

So, lots and lots going on and lots and lots of new images being made.  Head on over to the site and take a look around.  There will be plenty more coming online as soon as Im back from Minnesota to shoot some ice fishing the first week of February.  With any luck Ill get frostbite and won’t be able yo write lengthy blog posts any more….




On the road with the Guardian

It’s rare when I can share assigned work as I shoot it what with embargo terms and non-disclosure limits but this week is a bit different.

I’ve been on a week-long road trip with a writer from the Guardian, the UK newspaper. We have been traveling from Chicago to Memphis by way of Indianapolis, Louisville and Nashville and the entire time we have been guided by suggestions from folks on twitter. It’s an interesting concept and is working better than expected. The only downside to this whole thing is that I have to shoot it all on my iPhone and apply borders and textures to the images. Whatever, it’s not the end of the world.

So, go check it out…

Fotoworks wrap-up

Im still coming back from being in orbit/Fotoworks NYC all last week and trying to claw my way to the top of this pile of work that I left.  Regardless, last week was time well spent at Fotoworks and it was great to be back in NYC and of course to meet new photographers and creatives and see old friends as well.  We’ll see what comes of days meetings and handshakes and book showing but I have to think something will come of it.

I didn’t shoot really anything while in the city but was able to sneak away to the rooftop for a great sunset over the Hudson one night and then a rainy shot of the Empire State Building from the roof of my AirBnB lodgings.
More to come…


_DSF0003 _DSF0072

Big Trouble in Little China…

So, I was in San Francisco/NorCal this past week seeing the sights, eating well and taking meetings (THANK YOU to all those that took time out of their day).  Now, I have been the the Bay Area a few times before but somehow I always seem to miss Chinatown and never have time to walk the streets and check things out.  One of my lifelong goals was to find the alley way in Chinatown where the epic gang fight between the Chang Sings and Wing Kong went down.  Unfortunately, it has been brought to my attention that the actual alley was a soundstage built in LA and only exists on film now.  So, I walked the lonely streets of Chinatown a defeated man and I could hardly contain my dismay…

Actually, I don’t really care and it was a good excuse to just walk around with my x100s and see what I could see.  That being said, I give you Tony Hu, the Chinese-American fishmonger taking a smoke break…





A portrait wrapped in a portait…

…Its like an enigma wrapped in a mystery shrouded by confusion.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 4.11.29 PM

Actually, its nothing like that, its just a reflection of me shooting my subject in his aviators.  I have been blessed/cursed with a TON of film from the lab recently and have been scanning like crazy and now am just starting to get into the images.

So, lots of new work coming up from a few different projects, a few interesting updates, some travel plans and some new assignments – stay tuned…

NYC Update

Just a quick update from Manhattan bit I couldn’t have picked better weather for my visit. It’s 75, sunny and everyone is out and about and in a great mood, which is a good thing when you are showing portfolios and blathering on about work.

Went to the Modern Farmer magazine launch party last night and it was a damn blast. Thanks to Ann Marie and the rest of the staff for what they are doing there. It takes some serious stones to start a brand new magazine in this day and age. Thanks to them for bringing me onboard and letting me shoot a feature for the first edition.

Here is a quick shot of the opener to my feature and the images look great and the story is well written. The magazine should be carried at whole foods and a few other retailers so, go pick up a copy and hell support the magazine.