All that the light of the moon touches…

Living in Tennessee and being selectively redneck at times, one is exposed to that ol’ white liquor from time to time.  Of course, more often than not it comes in a nondescript mason jar or other unmarked container of dubious quality and as much fun as it is not really knowing what you are getting yourself into when you point your elbow to the sky, there are times when I would rather fillet my own hand than drink it.  You see, there are plenty of folks out there with no business making ‘shine but on the flip side, you find some real quality juice every now and then.  The guys over at American Born Moonshine do know what they are doing and have made a hell of a product and as of last night have successfully brought it to market.  I was fortunate enough to have been brought in to help this fledgling company develop their branding and image and bring it to fruition.  Lots of hard work, some early mornings and a lot of laughs later, we have a bang up campaign and the future looks bright for these guys.  Go find you a jar and clear off the next 2 days and have some fun.

There will be lots more images forthcoming but in the mean time, go check out to check out the video spot we shot as well.

ABM_Pic2_db ABM_Pic1_db