Shoot what you love.

Ive been fortunate enough to have some really killer assignments that have been fun or fulfilling or interesting or all of the above and I am very, very thankful for that.  Ive also had plenty are more utilitarian and straightforward but there is value in these as well.  They teach you to look deeper, work harder and really coax every bit of nuance out of your subject.

Now, coming back full circle, Ive started to re-discover why I chose to be a photographer and that is because it allows me to immerse myself in what I love.  So, with that being said, its as easy as shoot what you love.  Shoot with purpose and shoot with passion.


Peter Jones of Jones Fly Co., Nashville TN because I love to fly fish


Fly Tying




Nashville. Always Classy.

I had some friends in from Minneapolis this weekend so, had to take them around town and show them a good time.  After much debate, I realized that there really isn’t much outside of drinking and more drinking going on in this town unless you can be in a canoe in the summer or happen to catch some sports one night.  Now, Im not complaining as a good time is always to be had but sometimes, you just need to know when to leave the camera at home.  Or, in this case, drink a bunch of moonshine shots and bring it back out.
It was a long night and it ended at 11:30….


On the road with the Guardian

It’s rare when I can share assigned work as I shoot it what with embargo terms and non-disclosure limits but this week is a bit different.

I’ve been on a week-long road trip with a writer from the Guardian, the UK newspaper. We have been traveling from Chicago to Memphis by way of Indianapolis, Louisville and Nashville and the entire time we have been guided by suggestions from folks on twitter. It’s an interesting concept and is working better than expected. The only downside to this whole thing is that I have to shoot it all on my iPhone and apply borders and textures to the images. Whatever, it’s not the end of the world.

So, go check it out…

Heavy Shit

In her own words

I pick up heavy shit and then put it down and then pick it up again.’


I had the pleasure of shooting Talia VanDoran last night here in Nashville.  She is hard to categorize – more a force of nature than really anything else.  She is a Strongwoman (think giant eastern European guys picking up big ass rocks and throwing full kegs around) and is a sponsored athlete and could kick your ass, not that she would.  More to come after this…



The Band Perry

I shot The Band Perry for a recent cover of Country Weekly and I am just now getting around to getting some images on the blog and then, hopefully, integrated into the portfolio.

I can tell I am behind on blog posts and marketing because looking at these images, I remember how damn cold it was outside and how bad the wind was kicking.  Now, I look outside (well, not now now, its dark) and the trees are all full and green and albeit a little rainy, the weather is much better.

So, a few from the shoot…

TheBandPerry_032 TheBandPerry_266 TheBandPerry_216 TheBandPerry_122-Edit TheBandPerry_064


It was so cold the few days prior that there was ice in all the magnolia trees.  As the sun came up and ‘warmed’ things up, it all started falling out in big chunks.  Ive had all manner of things go awry on set before but I was praying that my talent for the day didnt get clocked in the head by some ice.  Fortunately, that did not happen.

A small-ish update

I had one hell of a long weekend these last few days and Im feeling it.  I was outside all day Saturday and Sunday at the rugby tournament that we (Nashville Rugby) host every year and it is exhausting.  That being said, I was able to try out my new mobile studio set up and it went great.  Ill have a bunch of new photos trickling in through the week as I process them but here are a few…

Mobile Studio _MG_8398-Edit _MG_8363-Edit _MG_8345-Edit


Ive been playing rugby my whole adult life and its one of those things that is hard to really describe to folks who don’t play or aren’t familiar with it.  Regardless of the actual sport and its own unique rules, the culture that surrounds it is amazing.  There is a bond and camaraderie that you really don’t find anywhere else and there is a certain insanity element that goes with it as well.  The shenanigans that take place at any sort of rugby event are as numerous as they are inappropriate for this blog.  These rugby portraits are my attempt to put into a picture what its really like being wrapped up in this crazy crazy world.  There will be lots more to follow and this might turn into a full out project of mine, the only problem is that it is hard to stay behind the camera when there are matches to be played…