Ice station zebra

Ive just come back from shooting in Minnesota during one of the coldest winters in recent history.  I really know how to pick my locations for my shoots, right?  Im sure Ill end up choosing to go to South Mississippi in the middle of the summer for a shoot when its 100 deg. and 100% humidity…  Anyways, I was in MN and it was cold, we’ll just leave it at that and not talk about how I could barely operate my camera and my shutter freezing up.

So, why was I up there?  Well, I decided to check out what ice fishing was all about.  You see, Im a bit of a fishing addict and I had to try my hand at this odd variation of my favorite way to spend time outdoors.  It didn’t hurt that it had an odd Americana vibe to it and generally misunderstood by most all outside of the northern latitudes.  I was prepared to find a bunch of men drunk on cheap beer and whiskey staring at small holes in the ice and perhaps a bit crazy from the cold and the absurdity of it all and, well, that’s what I found.


Ice Fishing_002

Aside from the small pike I caught, the only other fish I saw out on Mille Lacs was this small guy called an eel pout.  They are considered a trash fish and this one found a second life as a shot glass.  You see, these guys froze the fish solid with its mouth open the night before and that way they were able to pour liquor into its mouth and then into theirs.  Like I said, things got strange out on the ice.

Ice Fishing_031 Ice Fishing_027 Ice Fishing_023



I was able to try my hand at a bit of fishing (drinking in a small hut with a rod near by) and actually caught a fish in the first 20 minutes so, I don’t have to do that again.  All in all it was a blast and I have some fun images from it.  Regardless, Ill take fly fishing in the Bahamas any day…




What a week

Im going to keep trying to feature more and more new work here on the blog as I shoot because I seem to have turned my site into a mess with too much content.  Yes, it can happen.  In addition to that, I am going to be trying to update things once a week and give a bit of a recap of the previous week.  Im not the first one to think of this and I make claims to it otherwise.  That being said, on to the goodness.

First and foremost, I won 2 ADDY awards here in Nashville this weekend.  I was fortunate to work with the talented folks over at The Buntin Group and we cleaned up this time around.  We won Best of Show for our work on The Contributor campaign.  The Contributor is a non profit newspaper for folks living on the street to sell and ultimately better their lives.  Not only was it good to make some nice work but it was even better to be part of something that will help folks out down the road.

Contributor 1 Contributor 2

I was unable to actually attend the awards show as I was in Chicago this weekend so, this iPhone image of the agency award will have to suffice until mine arrive in the mail.


Speaking of Chicago, I was just getting to enjoy our mild-ish winter here in Nashville and then I had to run up North for a bit.  Ill tell you, there really is nothing like turning the corner on a Chicago street and being blasted with snow and wind.  Its quite the way to wake up and get in the right mindset to go into some agencies for meetings.  Thanks to the folks at BBDO and McGarryBowen and everyone else for having me in.  Sorry if I got snow on your lobby floor.


Yeah, it was cold – should have known seeing this on the way there.


My image of Harmony Korinne hit the pages of the New York Times Magazine today as well.  He’s local to here in Nashville and he was nice enough to let me into his home and give me the time to shoot him in between flights as he is all over the country promoting his new movie ‘Spring Breakers‘.  It hits screens March 22 so, go see it.

Harmony Korinne for the New York Times Magazine

Harmony Korinne for the New York Times Magazine

After freezing for a few days in Chicago and squeezing in a performance of the Book of Mormon, I had to rush back to shoot a cover for country weekly.  It will be out in a few weeks so, have to play it close to the chest but Ill just say that 7 setups in 2 hours in 30 deg. weather isn’t half bad.  Since it was a spring issue, we had to figure out a way to make it look warm, I think we got it but will have to wait til it comes out to tell for sure.  One broken flash tube and some numb fingers isn’t too bad a price to pay.

Looks Warm.  It wasnt.

Looks Warm. It wasnt.

As always, working away at some new images for the portfolio and developing a new body of work that will have some ‘impact’ to say the least.  It will be a bit until it drops but there, that’s the first word about it.  My site is also getting an overhaul very shortly so, check back frequently.