Fleeting Seasons

One minute you are standing in a river shooting and enjoying the warm weather and late days and the next it is getting dark at 4:30 and all the leaves are rapidly falling off the trees.  Its times like this when I really need to force myself to carve out some time and get outside and shoot some images.

Now, with the recent (stupid) time change also comes earlier sunrises so, it was early up yesterday and out to some local woods with a model and assistant in tow with the promise of hot coffee once the shooting was done.

Even though the sun wasn’t as cooperative as I would have liked, I was still able to make some nice images.  Im waiting on the color film to come back but I have a few Type 55 exposures to show for it…

Kristen Rogers_001 Kristen Rogers_002


Now, I said the colors were changing and things were looking good out in the woods so, I am obligated to show this image of me looking like a homeless man with some beautiful light in the back.  Thanks goes to Brett for capturing me in such stunning detail looking like an idiot.  Thanks Brett.



So, get outside and go shoot something.  Do it.